Book design, layout and typesetting

Jorun Modén is an author and teacher in creative writing. Her book “Skriv skriv skriv: Verktyg för författare” is a handbook for both aspiring and seasoned writers, gathering a decade of Jorun’s experience as a teacher in creative writing.

During our initial talks we decided on “playful elegance” to be the guiding phrase for the design of this book.

Illustrations for the book are made by Anders Muanmar who has a distinct style influenced by art nouveau. With this in mind I decided to let art nouveau influence some of the design choices throughout the book. ITC Benguiat, a typical art nouveau font, was chosen as one of the prominent fonts. Decorative illustrations in line with Ander’s style were created for the title pages and folio.

Caslon, a stylish and widely used font for typesetting, was chosen as the main body text font.

To further enhance both the elegance and the playfulness of the book, parts of the cover were given a copper foil stamp treatment.

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign this book was made ready for print in early 2021.

For more info about this book, please visit the publisher’s website: Bortbytingfö

Chapter title page

Chapter title with decorative illustration